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Quick Order Guide

What is Quick Order?

Quick Order is a feature than enables a VIP customer to quickly and easily add a part or multiple parts to their shopping cart. Customers can add parts individually, add multiple parts at the same time and even upload a list of part numbers and add them to the cart at the click of a button.

Quick Order is resticted to VIP customers only. To become a VIP customer, please  contact customer service.

To access Quick Order click the link in the menu bar or click here.

How do I use Quick Order

Quick Order works by a customer compiling a list of part numbers they would like to purchase, then adding the entire list to the cart. There are three ways to add a part to the list:

1. Enter Product Number or SKU


This feature works by adding parts one by one. The customer begins by entering a part number or name in the input field. A complete part number is required to match to parts. A partial part name will  generate a list of matching parts.



The customer  clicks on the desired part in the drop down to select it, the drop down will be removed and when the customer clicks on the Qty field (or anywhere on the page) the part will be loaded:



Editing the number in the QTY field will cause the part to be reloaded - it will temporarily disappear and be re-rendered. Once the desired product and quantity have been updated, the user can move to the next line and add another part. Editing the Part Number/Name field will cause the part to be removed and the new part to be loaded.

2. Enter Multiple Part Numbers

To add multiple parts at the same time, the customer enters complete part numbers either on new lines or separated by commas:



Press the "Add to List" button to add these items to the list of items.

3. Add From File

A user can upload a file of their desired parts. This is a great feature for recurring orders.



The file MUST be in .csv format and MUST contain  2 columns defined on the first line of the file: sku,qty.

Each subsequent line MUST contain the part number of the desired part and the desired quantity, separated by a comma.

For example:


The user clicks on the "Upload File" button, then selects the file from their computer. Once a file is selected the parts and quantities will automatically be added to the list.

Add To Cart

When a customer is satisfied they have added their desired parts to the list, they simply need to click the "Add To Cart" button to load the parts to the cart and be directed to the cart page.

Stock Messages

Depending on the stock status of the added parts, messages way be displyed under the relevant parts:


A part that has no available stock level and is not available for back order will display a "SKU is out of stock message: 

If a customer tries to order more than the available quantity for a part that is in stock, a "We don't have the quantity you requested" message will be displayed:

An incomplete or unknown part number will generate a "The Part Number was not found in the catalog" message

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